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  • How big is a load of logs?

One load is approximately one cubic metre

  • What are the logs delivered in?

The logs are delivered as a loose load in one of our pickup trucks.

  • Who delivers my logs?

One of our friendly delivery drivers deliver your logs. Feel free to ask them for any storage advice to meet your specific needs.

  • When can you deliver your logs?

If you order by 10am we can deliver the same day. We can deliver six and a half days a week (Except Sunday afternoon)

  • How long have the logs been seasoned for?    That old chestnut again!!!!

Our logs will be seasoned for varying amounts of time depending on species of timber and varying weather conditions. With the correct storage methods we can accelerate the seasoning process rapidly. On the other hand timber such as oak and sweet chestnut that came down in the storm of 1987 if left in the woods in its natural form may still have the same moisture content as the day it came down.

Our logs are only ready for sale when the moisture content is sufficiently low enough so you get a good clean fire with very little smoke.